The Clackamas River Trail

Billy Ray here. Week One, Last Week of Milk Moon: After many festive libations over many days, we slept for what seemed like eight hours, a welcome embrace of restfulness after much overtime at our jobs to fund this adventure of a 2012-time.  Being still a bit tipsy from too many fumes from the F-16s flying overhead at our Memorial BBQ, we decided to take another practice hike and hiatus for a few days on the Clackamas River.

We wrote a theme song on the new backpacking guitar, Spence made some trash art, I banged on a makeshift wooden xylophone from collected driftwood, I drew some pictures and Spence wrote.

Spence here. Let it snow let it snow let it snow… not really. The PCT still has an abundance of snow in our area, so instead of slipping and sliding our way south, we thought it would be a great idea to surf for a few weeks instead. Let the snow melt, the rivers go down and “chill out” and our minds get limber for the trail.

Today is a momentous step forward in our new “Point Break” lifestyle. We acquired a galopy of a surfboard, a sweet reversible wet-suit for me, a car top carrier, and an old 78 hand-crank phonograph (so we can listen to hank williams on the beach, duh!).

Hopefully, this summer, the Marzo (our surf van, named after my favorite surfer Clay Marzo, watch his documentary, “Just Add Water”) will deliver us up right and we can live on the outskirts of Cannon Beach in stealth style. Photo shoot and tour of the van to come…Thanks for reading! Here’s a lil’ gallery of our recent pre-funk hike on the Clackamas River Trail.

One thought on “The Clackamas River Trail

  1. Well I ooo’d and aw’d and felt so refreshed after seeing the photos of Oregon wilderness. It is such a contrast from my current city experience. Thank you both for the photos and your blog. I”m getting the best of both worlds! Great to hear you’re getting your arty selves free. Keep up the wonderful dream food!


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