A Couple ‘O Huckleberries Theme Song!

Caught in a knot on the highway

never could stay in a one place

making a nest in the shadows of the rest

my only real home is the home out of doors

the way i know best is to play without force


a couple o huckleberries shy of a pail

but a couple of huckleberries ’nuff for the trail

just a dandelion seed in the wind

nothing to settle or mend

some say that weeds are incapable of deeds

but the wild and woody ones have a medicine to share

we may not thrive in fenced in yards

but we still have fruit to bear


calendar and clocks by the wayside

by the sun and the moon we abide

we are alive when the sylvan folk arrive

people large and small from the moth to the trees

those of the mountains, the sea and the breeze


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