Adventure Itinerary for July

welcome back to our blog! here is our plan for the month of july. many of you have been asking, “where will you be?” “can i follow along?” “can i send you something?”  well, you can’t really send us anything. but you can follow along! here is the link to the website that has helped us plan our pacific crest trail adventure:  there is a menu where you can pick the pacific crest trail and various options of what you would like to look at on your map. what? awesome.

  • present day until june 27th, surf mission, pacific city and otter rock
  • june 27. eagle creek to zigzag. 57 miles. HIKE! included is an optional loop around ramona falls and a detour down to zigzag on horseshoe ridge. (taking this detour will guide us around the snow zone of mt. hood, the paradise park trail and timberline lodge, which currently is still in a blizzard)
  • july 1. zigzag shuttle (we are getting a ride–and our resupply box from a wonderfully generous friend–to wapinitia pass to avoid snow). from wapinitia pass to olallie lake resort. 44 miles
  • july 5. olallie lake to trail #3375 in jefferson park. trail to breitenbush hot springs. 23 miles. (this section may also have too much snow around jefferson park. we may take a different trail to breitenbush hot springs)(resupply box sent and held for us at breitenbush)(at this section we may also be thwarted by the snow. we may need to reassess and skip some more trail. however, we will still end up getting to breitenbush for a well deserved hot tub soak, via some side trails.)
  • july 7. breitenbush to big lake. 48 miles. (resupply at big lake youth camp. they hold sent pct thru-hiker packages for free! free showers!)
  • july 11. big lake to elk lake. 44 miles. resupply at fun little resort grocery.  (“excuse me. i’m sorry.but are these snickers bars organic or vegan?  how about gluten free? never mind, i’ll take the doritos”)
  • july 15. elk lake to shelter cove (odell lake). 46 miles. resupply at grocery
  • july 19. shelter cove to diamond lake. 52 miles. we’re taking an optional trail west of the pct to go to diamond lake for some serious swimming, camping, grocery store fun! we could rent a golf cart if we wanted also. (resupply at diamond lake resort)
  • july 23. diamond lake to crater lake. 22 miles.

our july hiking segment will end at crater lake.  we are hoping to be picked up july 25th or we can take the train back to portland.  we are headed to seattle there after to our dear friend’s wedding celebration. the plan is to resume hiking august 1st near lake tahoe. more details about the august plan to come. this schedule will offer a modest beginning with a chance to whip us into shape for the high sierras in august on the john muir trail. thanks for reading!

One thought on “Adventure Itinerary for July

  1. so nice to catch up on your activities… i was thinking of you two while i was out hiking and what-not. i can’t get the little “yellow and blue make green” out of my head.,.. you know the yellow from the sun, blue sky pulling in the rain clouds, making the green of the earth. good to know ya’ll are enjoying the colors that abound!


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