we love cory and julie

spence here… we just got back from a nice trip to everett, washington. our dear friends cory and julie, who live in seattle, got married this weekend. what an amazing, wonderful, simple, loving ceremony–a true testament to cory and julie’s love for their families, friends and each other. the weather was supreme, the dancing exceptional (thanks to julian and billy) and the food 5 star. i slept well in our swank hotel room, the first actual “bed” i’ve slept on in a few years actually. makes me sort of rethink the whole futon thing. billy had the most amazing boots.  thrift store portland style. i felt pretty happy about the haircut billy gave me, the bow ties cory and the rest of the wedding party wore, the pilsner libations served at the wedding party barn and the tasty quiche at brunch.  thank you so much cory and julie for inviting us and making us apart of your wonderful family. i’m glad to be in the julie mafia. it was nice to reconnect with a few of their seattle friends as well. bon voyage to costa rica you crazy kids… i’ll be thinking of you.

Dear Cory and Julie,

You rock. Thank you for being you. Hope you’re having some good times in Costa Rica! We forgot your lovely handmade peanut butter gifts! Dnag!

love, Billy

One thought on “we love cory and julie

  1. Aw – what a thoughtful post Spence. We really appreciated you making the trip up here to be a part of our wedding day. I loved dancing with you hot homos. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to chat it up with you. Things moved so quickly that weekend. Good news Billy – we have some peanut butter left over – I’ll send it to you soon. xoxo


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