Farewell to the Blue House on the Hill

Billy here. We have spent a lovely few seasons in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico with neighbors who are now our family. Over the last year or so we have been taking care of Max’s house on the hill and recording an album, Human Thinking Animal, which is now out on the internet! You can listen to it on Soundcloud here. We built a little shower shack we dubbed the “Cleanhouse” because we wanted to use the solar shower water for cherry tomatoes and peppers we would grow in the shower shack. We never quite got as far as growing anything yet or even hooking up the water catchment, but the showers were wonderful! We released the album, said farewell for now to our New Mexico family and hit the road with our jeep packed for the summer’s adventures to visit friends, family and large sparkling bodies of water. So now that we’re back on the blog roll, we’ll be posting every Wednesday!

Spence here: Our last month in New Mexico was a whirlwind. I am exordinarily proud of Billy for getting his album done, in the midst of visiting friends and family, packing and house detail. I feel really honored to have had the opportunity to play on the album.

What can I say except that I am a changed person from when we first landed in Candy Kitchen, NM. The generosity of the people there is unlike any experience I have had. A true neighborly feeling of care and consideration, as well as an “anything goes” attitude about people’s differences makes it a unique piece of planet. I want to thank each friend and neighbor for all the help and love extended to us while we were there (and while we continue to be gone, as guardians of Max’s land, some of our stuff and our mail!) I appreciate what the desert has taught me as well as the people. I appreciate the space I had to teach myself some things also. I have never had so much time and space for art and creative thought as I have had in New Mexico. There are so many amazing gifts I can take with me, however, one that I am thinking of in this moment in particular is the feeling that people everywhere have the capacity to be this generous and open. The fact is, we all have this within ourselves to create our worlds and walk the talk. Since my experiencing this tenderness over the last two years, I know we can extend that hand of kindness and community wherever we go. Still, I already have a heavy heart and miss the people. We shall be back!

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