Art Not-So-Casual

Spence here: This week I have been doing a lot of walking! The weather has been excellent for this, as Portland has seen an amazing sunny February. Sadly, climate change is probably to blame, our Earth reacting in quite the topsy-turvy way, while folks in the East battle severe temps in the negative degrees. I have been hard at work this week on amassing photos, information and design ideas for my new professional art website. Previous to this, I helped Billy and his sister put together an art submission for the upcoming Transgender Art exhibition at Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, OH. With this recent project, as well as my focus lately on poetry submissions to several magazines, and my rediscovered love of real film photography, something has shifted in me to pursuit my art whole-heartedly. Writing an artist autobiography as an exercise for the workbook The Artist’s Way, I realized just how much creative work I have been involved in over the last 20 years, and it is time to put it all together. Billy and I have been especially busy the last few years, and I haven’t been giving myself much credit along the way. I think taking this next step will help me solidify what others have known all along, that my profession and my livelihood is creating. On my website, I hope to show the myriad of possibilities I like to pursuit through art and connecting to the natural world–via paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, collage, music and writing. I hope to also have photography prints and drawings for sale. I have worked on my website logistics so much this week, however, that I do not want to spend the last remaining sunny hours before going to my delivery job working on a computer right now, so that’s the ‘haps for this week…. In an unrelated NEWFLASH! Billy and I have decided to move our blogging publishing date to Sunday morning. It seems to fit our new schedules, and I am sure this will be a lovely addition to your Sunday morning routine of drinking hot beverages, since now you will also be able to meander through our updates. We will be back next week with our usual philosophical selves, hopefully with links to our new art websites. Until then, for real, this week we are going to the river. Cheers!

Billy here! Yep, I quit my day job again. It might seem crazy, but it’s something I do every year and I live so fanstastically below my means that I find it relatively easy to live without much money. It’s simply not what is important to me. I save up a nest egg, quit the money and start the adventure. This time the adventure is isn’t a backpacking trip or moving across the country (again), but working the real job. That’s right, both Spence and I realizing our worth as creative humans and we are out to find a livelihood!

Last week in the early light of dawn on the inner east side of Portland, the sun gleamed on the skyscrapers downtown and I heard Beethoven’s Fifth blaring. Not just in my head. I look over and the streets are empty save for a man wearing camo pants, skin the color of the earth, holding a wrapped and feathered staff in one hand and a little yellow jambox in the other, defiantly empowered by the “Dum dum dum DUM!” emanating from his jambox and filling the empty streets. That was the dawn of the day I decided not to make money at a job that has lost its meaning for me. What ensued at work that day was truly a grand finale of meaninglessness. What’s the point of making money if the job is disempowering? So, not one to waste time or life, I put in my notice yesterday. I have faith in a universe that nourishes creative livelihoods!

Next up, the unveiling of our websites!

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