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We are Spencer Fisher and Billy von Raven, both transgender partners in life, love and adventures. Together we want to live life fully, rediscovering a heritage that includes skills our ancestors used–not only to survive a simpler life, but to celebrate it. This blog was born when we hiked part of the John Muir Trail in 2012. Then we moved to the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico and became family with an amazing community there. We helped Maxwell von Raven produce his album, For The Night Surely Comes, and then recorded and produced an album of Billy’s, Human Thinking Animal, on the land with solar power. We lived near Zuni for two years and learned a lot more about rural living and solar electricity. We grew our first vegetable garden together. We wrote poetry, songs, painted, brewed herbal beer and drew. After the summer of 2014, road trippin’ through the American West, we landed in the Pacific Northwest. The building of two tiny homes ensued, which we lived in for two years. Now, a fresh locale, another year of school, adventures and alchemy awaits! Where will you find huckleberries next?

Billy von Raven on the Web

Billy von Raven on the Web


LifeofSpence: ArtWord, Writing and Artwork by Spencer Fisher








An early camp trip


5 thoughts on “About Us: Out of the Suitcase

    • Thanks for the kind comment. I hope you get to meet Billy someday soon. We have been talking about a southern East Coast tour, as my Aunt and Uncle in North Carolina have not met Billy either, and its been so long since I have been out that way. Hope you are all well! Love Spence


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